After 24 long hours of traveling on planes and trains, I have finally met my new host family in France where I’m studying abroad. It’s been two days so far and I have loved every second of it. Of course I am a little timid, but I try my best to listen, since I cannot speak with them. They speak so fast that I cannot understand anything, except some words here and there. They know many words in English and it’s very helpful.

Even though I cant understand anything, I love listening to them speak. French is such a beautiful language. The first night I arrived it was very late, so I went to bed. The next morning I slept till 4 in the afternoon! After that long sleep, we ate lunch and then dinner and stayed outside all day.

Today, we went to the Mediterranean Sea! It was my first time there and the water was the perfect temperature. It was such a good experience. Slowly, I understand more and more of what they’re saying.  And I am also learning some slang. When the focus is on me they love to teach me different phrases. I have three brothers: Pierre-Louis, Lucas and Jean-Baptiste and a sister, Charlotte. They have all been very tolerant with me! There are two cats and a dog. They’re all so cute! Many visitors come and go and I love meeting them and talking with them.

As I expected, I do not miss my family at all! Clearly, I do miss them but not that much, since it’s only been two days. I haven’t seen much of the city, Nimes, but I’m sure I will do that tomorrow or the next day. I mean… I do have six more months! Every day is a new adventure and I will make the best of every second.