by Marco Guzman, Greenheart Travel Language School Student in Cuzco, Peru

A few photos taken throughout the day to give you a picture of a typical day during my Language School Program in Cuzco, Peru.

This is the street I use to get to school.  This hill sucks!  Usually you can have the taxi drop you off at the school, but sometimes you have to hoof it and let me tell you…altitude combined with hills is a recipe for many resting breaks to catch your breath…


street to school

I visited a chocolate museum where you can learn everything you want to know about chocolate.  You can also make your own chocolate from bean to bar.

chocolate museum in cuzco

They have chocolate bars infused with everything you can imagine…

chocolate bars

This day I also saw another protest where egg wielding college students were upset about some new law.

protests in cuzco

More festivals in the plaza…Saturday will be the biggest event so far with a competition between high school kids.

celebration in the plaza