by Marco Guzman, Greenheart Travel Language School Student in Cuzco, Peru

Today was a long day.¬† No class today at the Language School, but I left the house around 9 am and returned around 10:30 pm.¬† There was a big festival in the plaza that I watched for a few hours.¬† Afterward, I went hiking up to Saqsaywaman‚Ķsome Inca ruins close to Cusco. ¬†I didn’t have enough money to get in, so I went to the free attraction instead‚ĶCristo Blanco, a giant statue overlooking Cusco.

The view from there was amazing.  You could see all of Cusco.  I watched about 10 planes take off and land on the one runway.  After hiking back down I sat in a plaza and drank a few beers while waiting for dinner.  Then I went to a bar to talk with some friends I made a few days ago.  Afterward, I ate pizza at this place that, according to TripAdvisor, was the second best place to eat in Cusco…I think they lied…it was ok, but nothing special.  Then, back to the main plaza for coffee and some chocolate cake.

I tried to catch a cab and the bus but was unsuccessful at both…so I walked home.  Some of the streets seem pretty shady…but I always see women and kids walking them so I figure what the hell…here are some pics from the day.

Ya know…just walking my llama…no big deal…

Walking a llama

Today was the big festival.  The high school students competed in the plaza.

Big festival in cuzco

Getting up here took some work, but it was worth it to check out these Inca ruins.

hiking to the incan ruins

Cristo Blanco…got the sun right behind his head.  Can be seen from the valley in most of Cusco.

Cristo Blanco

View from Cristo Blanco and a bit of musical accompaniment.

view from cristo blanco and local playing the flute