by Heather Holding, Greenheart Travel Intern

1. If you’re planning on teaching abroad you most likely will be obligated to take a TEFL course at some point, depending on which country you choose.

2. When you are TEFL certified you can receive better benefits and or higher pay than other non-TEFL certified teachers.

3. Learn skills you will need to be an effective teacher. When teaching your students grammar and phonetic lessons you can’t tell your students “Choose the one that sounds better.” I have been brushing up on some grammar before my course starts and I find myself always choosing the answer that sounds better instead of analyzing why I chose the correct answer. This course will help me to explain why I chose the correct answer.

4. Distinguish yourself in a competitive ESL market. Bottom line is an employer is more likely to hire a person who is TEFL certified before a non-certified teacher.

5. Have the opportunities to apply to the high quality teaching jobs that are only available to teachers who are TEFL certified.

6. Avoid the stressful scramble of trying to learn how to teach while also adjusting to a new culture, language, and country. Taking a TEFL course before you go abroad to teach can be a great way to feel more prepared and confident about teaching abroad before you arrive.

7. Earning a TEFL certification will enable you to teach in countries all over the world because it is accredited around the world and certification lasts for your entire lifetime.

Earning a TEFL certification can only benefit you. Why wouldn’t you take it?