by Olivia Hutsler, Greenheart Travel Summer Intern

Studying abroad is a very big and influential step in your life, so it’s completely natural to examine every detail about your Greenheart Travel high school program. Usually the first concern among students is how long they want to go abroad. The most common lengths are semesters or academic years, but don’t worry if you cannot study abroad that long! Instead, experience life overseas for a trimester. Here are three reasons to consider a trimester option:

1. Your trimester abroad will allow you to explore and learn about a new culture without the commitment of spending a full year away from home. A three-month program will also allow you to meet new friends and engage in diverse experiences, while not missing too much time away from friends, activities, and sports back in your hometown.

2. Is your school supportive of your dream of becoming an exchange student, but can’t allow you to miss a full semester or year? Trimesters are your answer. You will still get a taste of what it’s like to live as high school student in your host country, but you’ll be back in time to satisfy graduation requirements in your home country. It’s the best of both worlds!

3. Studying abroad requires a lot of paperwork, planning and attention to details. With a trimester abroad, you have one less requirement, which is applying for a visa. Visas are required for long periods of stay, such as a semester or academic year.  A visa is NOT required if you choose to study abroad for less than 90 days. You won’t have to worry about gathering all the proper visa documentation, scheduling a visa appointment, and waiting for your visa. It is one less thing you need to think about and plan for your time abroad.

Regardless of how long you are away, studying abroad will be something you remember and appreciate for a lifetime. However, if you have concerns about staying for a semester or longer, try a trimester. Even though it’s a shorter period of time, you will still have the opportunity to fully immerse in a different culture. This is your time to establish a sense of responsibility and independence. So go out there and do it!