I’ve been in Costa Rica for over a week now! I’m already in love with everything here: the people, the scenery, the animals, and the food. Everything about Costa Rica is so laid back, it really is like paradise. I’ve already tried new good, said challenging words, and been to some amazing places; and although I’ve experienced so much in the little time I’ve been here, one week would never been enough.

Never have I:

1. Drank homemade fruit juice

2. Ate ALL natural foods

3. Tried star fruit

4. Ate a lot of pineapple- and liked it!

5. Became friends with a peccary

6. Worked with animals

7. Seen a cocoa tree

8. Been offered to eat a termite

9. Zip lined

10. Made a BFF from another country

11. Had someone take pictures of me because of my skin color

12. Held a baby monkey

13. Been afraid of rain

14. Been in a tropical rainstorm

15. Been in an earthquake

16. Hated Mosquitos so much

17. Hiked to a waterfall

18. Jumped into water in a rainforest next to a waterfall

19. Seen a volcano

20. Rode three airplanes in a row

21.heard such beautiful music

22 had two different families at the same time

23. Mothered something before (a baby sloth that I loved so much)

24. Laughed so much at the phrase “Sally sells seashells by the seashore”

25. Loved a place so much

I would be so happy to live here forever if my family and friends could come along. My family here consists of: Rosie (mi Madre), Favio (mi padre), Laura (mi Hermana), Oscar (mi hermano), and Jorge ( mi hermano). Also, my roommates names are Teagan, Jessica, and Sarah. Anyway, everything is going beyond perfect down here in paradise. lastly, to Bobby’s parents, your message is being spread in different countries and Bobby’s bracelet never leaves my wrist- on all these adventures his courage and strength feel like they are always alongside.   Pura Vida!

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