About Teaching in a School

Teaching English in a school is a valuable experience no matter what your career path. Not only will you gain tangible employment skills, you’ll be able to enjoy an affordable, long-term travel adventure to destinations around the world. Teachers do not need to have experience in the classroom, and don’t need to be on a career track in education. In fact, most Greenheart Travel alumni have found that teaching abroad has helped them land jobs in a diverse number of fields.

Get a firsthand glimpse into a “Day in the Life” of a teach abroad participant:

Greenheart Travel’s wide range of Teach in a School program options will help you meet your financial and travel-related goals, allowing you to decide the best fit for your teaching adventure abroad. Learn more about our  various Teach in a School program destinations:

China  |  Colombia  |  Italy  |  Myanmar  |  South Korea  |  Thailand



Greenheart Travel offers various programs that allow you to teach and travel while receiving a stipend or salary while teaching abroad. Here is a breakdown of our paid teaching positions by paycheck.

The Money Makers:

Epic benefits, high teaching salaries and fully furnished accommodations are just a few or the perks for these lucrative positions.

  • Teach in South Korea
    • Benefits: paid vacation, flight reimbursement, accommodations
    • Save up to $15,000 during a yearlong contract
    • Rigorous application and hiring process
  • Teach in China
    • Benefits: paid vacation, flight reimbursement, accommodations
    • Starting salary of ~$1,500-$1,900 per month
    • Lengthy visa process
  • Teach in Vietnam
    • Benefits: lifetime placement assistance throughout Southeast Asia
    • Salaries up to $2,000/month
    • Strict education requirements

Will Work for Travel and Leisure:

Teaching in these countries allows you the opportunity to explore a new part of the world while earning enough for your weekend travels and a longer trip at the end of your contract.

  • Teach in Myanmar
    • Benefits: Assistance finding housing, basic language classes
    • Paid monthly salary of around $800-$1,200 per month
    • Placements are usually in private international or language schools
  • Teach in Thailand
    • Benefits: Assistance finding housing, week-long intensive orientation
    • Paid monthly salary of around $900 per month
    • Placements are in kindergartens, elementary, middle, and high schools

Getting Rich from Rewarding Experiences:

Despite being “break even” teaching programs, the rewards from these meaningful teaching positions will more than make up for a smaller paycheck.

  • Teach in Chile
    • Benefits: Host family accommodation, 1-week orientation in Santiago
    • Living stipend
    • Placements throughout the country
  • Teach in Costa Rica
    • Benefits: Host family accommodation and orientation
    • $500 contract completion bonus
    • Placements throughout the country

Don’t let the word “volunteer” sway you from checking out these school placement opportunities. Despite the fact that these are volunteer teaching positions, most of your needs are already covered prior to arrival, giving you the chance to explore a new country and culture on a shoestring budget.

  • Teach in Italy
    • Benefits: Accommodation with volunteer Italian host family, meals included
    • Placements in a high school, middle school, or elementary school in the Piedmont region of Italy
  • Teach in France
    • Benefits: Accommodation with French host family or in private apartment, meals included
    • Placements in schools throughout France

Greenheart Travel has both semester and yearlong teaching contracts to best fit your schedule. Please refer to each Teach in a School program pages for details on start dates and application deadlines.

One Semester Contracts:

Year Contracts:


You don’t have to be an education major or have teaching experience to work abroad as an English teacher. Greenheart Travel has a variety of options for you to travel and teach abroad with various qualification levels.

Please visit our program pages for additional eligibility and program requirements for each destination.


All programs require that teachers are citizens of:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa

Minimum Education Level Requirements:

High school degree

  • Teach in Italy

Bachelor’s Degree

  • Teach in Colombia
  • Teach in Myanmar
  • Teach in South Korea
  • Teach in Thailand

TEFL Certification Requirements:

  • Teach in Colombia (highly preferred but not required)
  • Teach in Myanmar (OR Degree in Education/OR Teaching License)
  • Teach in South Korea
  • Teach in Thailand (unless you have a Teaching Degree)

Not TEFL Certified yet? We’ve got you covered!

Minimum Age Requirements:

19 years +

  • Teach in Italy (19 – 35 years old)

20 years +

  • Teach in South Korea (20 – 55 years old)
  • Teach in Thailand (20 – 50 years old)

21 years +

  • Teach in Myanmar (21 – 45 years old)