Anna has had quite a European tour these past few days, and has reached Madrid, Spain to visit with our high school abroad partner and to explore the area. She shares a few of her favorite highlights during her stay so far.

1) Tapas and Food

The jamon is like butter.  The huevos rotos explode with flavor.  The patatas bravas make you shudder with delight.  And the mussels…oh the mussels.


I can’t forget the paella I had yesterday for lunch…



2) The plazas

‘Round every corner is another plaza filled with people, cafes, fountains and flavor.



3) The architecture

Everywhere you look there’s something historic and beautiful to see.



4) The café culture

“We have some time to kill.”  Silence as people think.  “Let’s go get some coffee”.  And we do.



5) Nightlife

I haven’t experienced it fully yet, but when everyone starts eating dinner at 10 pm you know you’re in for a sinfully long night.