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Teach English, Work and Intern Abroad

This is your chance to gain international work experience while getting paid to travel and live abroad!

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    • Name : Lauren Bauer
    • Full Name : Lauren Bauer
    • Role : Director, Teach and Work Programs
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    • Name : Sara Dorsey
    • Full Name : Sara Dorsey
    • Role : Teach Abroad Programs Senior Manager
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    • Name : Savannah McDermott
    • Full Name : Savannah McDermott
    • Role : Teach and Work Abroad Program Coordinator
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    • Name : Kara Menini
    • Full Name : Kara Menini
    • Role : Teach, TEFL and Work Programs Manager
    • Tab : About Teaching English
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      Teaching English abroad is an incredible way to fully immerse yourself in a new country and culture. Greenheart Travel’s teaching opportunities vary in destinations, contracts and start date.

      To help you get started here are a few details to consider:

      What qualifications do I need to get a job teaching English abroad?

      That will depend on the program that you choose. Almost all of our other programs require that applicants at least have a Bachelor’s degree in any subject. Some will require additional qualifications, like a TEFL/TESOL certificate or a teaching certification/license. Please see the individual program pages for specific qualification requirements.

      All applicants should be enthusiastic, flexible, and adventurous!

      Paid and Volunteer Teaching Positions:

      While we encourage you to have a blast while on the program, it is important that our teachers take their teaching positions seriously. It is a job, after all!

      Greenheart Travel offers various programs that allow you to teach and travel while receiving a stipend or salary while teaching abroad. Here is a breakdown of our paid teaching positions by paycheck.

      The Money Maker:

      Epic benefits, high teaching salaries and fully furnished accommodations are just a few or the perks for these lucrative positions.

      • Teach in South Korea
        • Benefits: paid vacation, flight reimbursement, accommodations
        • Save up to $15,000 during a yearlong contract
        • Rigorous application and hiring process

      Will Work for Travel and Leisure:

      Teaching in these countries allows you the opportunity to explore a new part of the world while earning enough for your weekend travels and a longer trip at the end of your contract.

      • Teach in Myanmar
        • Benefits: Assistance finding housing, basic language classes
        • Paid monthly salary of around $800-$1,200 per month
        • Placements are usually in private international or language schools
      • Teach in Thailand
        • Benefits: Assistance finding housing, week-long intensive orientation
        • Paid monthly salary of around $900 per month
        • Placements are in kindergartens, elementary, middle, and high schools

      Getting Rich from Rewarding Experiences:

      Despite being “break even” teaching programs, the rewards from these meaningful teaching positions will more than make up for a smaller paycheck.

      • Teach in Colombia
        • Benefits: Assistance finding housing, 2-week orientation in Bogota, Colombia
        • Paid monthly salary of around $600 per month
        • Placements in two types of schools: public high schools with the Ministry of Education and SENA Centers
    • Tab : Work and Travel Options
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      If teaching students in a classroom doesn’t sound like your kind of gig, you can also get paid to work and travel in Australia and New Zealand.

      These work abroad opportunities are for those who are independent and looking to work to pay for their travels. Many of these positions are in the hospitality industry.

      Hospitality, customer service and office work are by far the most common job type as companies report that the high level of service in the US and Canada tends to produce workers who are well-suited for these types of positions.

      Seasonal work in amusement parks, resorts, and on offshore cruises, etc. are great positions for more consistent and long-term jobs (3-6 months) where jobs in restaurants, bars, hostels and hotels are widely available for shorter contracts.

      Working on farms and WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) are also popular among Working Holiday travelers who want to experience a different type of work outside of a city.

      Check out these peak hiring seasons to get started!