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  • Only have the summer to spend abroad and want to participate in a cultural exchange program? Here are our programs with summer options.

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We’re your personal cheerleaders as you navigate the unpredictable joys, surprises, and challenges of life abroad. With unrivaled support and guidance, we give you the tools to make sure you’re more than a tourist, you’re a world citizen. You don’t just travel for the sights, you travel for a change!

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Teenager looking to travel during your summer break? We have lots of options!

1. High School Study Abroad

For those looking to study abroad in a traditional school and host family setting, but cannot take a semester or academic year. We have 3 country options to study abroad in a local school for just the summer, in Argentina, Costa Rica, or New Zealand.

2. Teen Summer Language Camps

Want to kick your language studies into high gear? Spend 1-6 weeks over the summer at a language center abroad. During the day you’ll attend a language program at a language school and participate in different excursions. Teens on this program will stay with a host family or live in a dormitory near the language center.

3. Volunteer Abroad

Spend a few weeks in the summer giving back. Our volunteer programs are environmentally focused. From working with an animal rescue center in Costa Rica to forestry projects in Puerto Rico – spend your summer doing something meaningful!

Why study abroad in the summer?

For students with commitments during the academic year, Greenheart Travel offers short-term (one or two-month programs) in ArgentinaCosta Rica, and New Zealand for students who want to experience life as an exchange student abroad during their summer break! You’ll live with a host family and attend a local high school to learn language skills, gain intercultural skills and make lifelong friends – and impress college admissions counselors.

Costa Rica


  • 1-month program:
    • June 1- July 1
    • July 20-August 20
  • 2-month program:
    • June 1- August 1 [note: this program has a 2-week break the first two weeks of August]
    • July 20- September 20

Placement locations: San Ramon, Palmares, or Zarcero

Deadline to apply: April 30 for June start, May 15 for July start

Cost: $4,959 (1 month) and $5,360 (2 months)




  • 1-month program
    • July 18-August 18
  • 2-month program
    • July 18-September 18

Locations: Rosario, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires province

Deadline to apply: June 1

Cost: $6,870 (1 month) and $7,820 (2 months)


New Zealand


  • 1-month program options:
    • June 5-July 5
    • July 22-August 22
  • 2-month program
    • July 22-Sept 22

Location: Rotorua, NZ

Deadline to apply: May 1 for June start, June 1 for July start

Cost: $7,570 (1 month) and $9,290 (2 months)

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