About TEFL

With a TEFL certification and a Bachelor’s degree, you can apply for all of Greenheart Travel’s paid Teach Abroad jobs and you will also possess the skills and qualifications to teach in almost any country in the world. The hardest part will be deciding where to go!

“In a completely rational society, the best of us would be teachers and the rest of us would have to settle for something less.” Lee Iacocca


TEFL & TESOL are acronyms that refer to the act of teaching English to non-native speakers. They are essentially synonymous, with TEFL recently becoming the more popular term.

TEFL-Teaching English as a Foreign Language

TESOL-Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

ESL-English as a Second Language

What is a TEFL/TESOL Certification?

A TEFL (or TESOL) course trains students to become effective teachers of the English language. The certification qualifies you to teach English overseas to children or adults whose native language is not English. In order to obtain this certification, you must take and pass a TEFL course. While there are many TEFL course options available, it is important to find ones that match the requirements established by the country in which you would like to teach, as well as meet international accreditation standards.


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Accreditation ensures that your certification course meets quality standards in the level of instruction, the quality of the curriculum, inclusion of a practicum, extent of training and other areas. It ensures that the course’s quality and ethical standards are maintained, and to recognize professional acceptance and recognition in the international job market.

Greenheart Travel prides itself on exclusively offering the highest quality TEFL/TESOL Certification courses. Our courses meet the highest international standards and are accredited and externally monitored by leading international accrediting bodies in the field of TEFL/TESOL.

Accreditation refers to the rigorous process that a TEFL school or course goes through to ensure that it is offering quality instruction to its students. During this process, an independent third party looks at the curriculum and examines it according to a rubric. On top of verifying the validity of the materials, content, and instructors leading the course, the international standards for accreditation dictate that a TEFL course must have:

  • At least 100 hours of academics*
  • 6-20 hours of live practice teaching (called a practicum)
  • A practicum that targets ESL students, not class peers

*Many potential employers require at least 120 hours of academics and at least 10 hours of practicum. All of Greenheart Travel’s TEFL programs meet international accreditation standards and are taught by university professors with Master’s Degrees and/or PhD’s.

There is no one single organization that is universally regarded as the official accrediting body for TEFL or TESOL certifications. However, reputable accrediting bodies, language institutes, ministries of education and recognized bodies within the field require that accredited TEFL certifications meet certain standards.


Why is it important that our TEFL Courses are accredited?

In short, to be credible and recognized within the field, a TEFL certification course must be accredited and meet internationally recognized standards.



The course curriculum has been externally monitored and approved for accreditation by TQUK (Training Qualifications UK), an officially recognized Awarding Organization that is recognized and regulated by Ofqual. Ofqual is the British Government body responsible for monitoring and maintaining educational standards in the United Kingdom.  is recognized as a leader in providing vocational and professional qualifications to colleges and private training providers in Education & Training, Social Care, and Health.

The curriculum also meets internationally recognized requirements of a minimum of 100 hours of academic work and 6 hours of practicum (student teaching/observation) for a professional level TEFL certification.

These courses are internationally accredited and recognized, and exceed international standards for professional level TEFL Certification (most accredited TEFL courses run 106-120 hours) as set forth by the British Council and other leading bodies in the international field of TEFL.

The Thailand courses in Hua Hin and Chiang Mai are internationally accredited by the Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Agency (OTTSA).


Asia is the fastest & most accessible job market for English language instruction. Thanks to its growing population and perspective about the value of education, there is an insatiable demand for qualified English teachers. On top of the rich cultures, ecological marvels, and stunning history, many parts of Asia offer lucrative salaries to their teachers. With hiring dates all year round, Asia is an excellent choice for those who desire to spend a transformational year overseas and return home with a profit.

Asia Is Great if You:

  • Need to save money/earn a large enough salary to pay off college loans & future expenses at home
  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree (although it is not necessary in every country)
  • Prefer to teach children
  • Want to be overseas without waiting for peak hiring seasons
  • Desire the security of having a job lined up in advance (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China)
  • Are comfortable with an interesting mix of urban and rural landscapes

General Information:

  • Peak Hiring Seasons: All Year
  • Salary Expectations: Save 30-50% of your income
  • BA Required: Only in some countries
  • Contract Length: 12 months

Ready to Teach English in Asia? Get your TEFL Certification Online or in Chicago and receive lifetime job placement assistance to find jobs teaching English anywhere in Asia, or to qualify for our Teach English Abroad programs in China, South Korea, Thailand or Myanmar.


English is the international language of business and tourism; with the formulation of the European Union, English has never been more in demand than it is now. Although it is harder to make a profit as an English teacher in Europe due to the cost of living, you will be able to break even. Europe’s eclectic cuisine, romantic landscapes, and dynamic cities make it an ideal destination for anyone seeking to enjoy la dolce vita.

Europe is Great if You:

  • Desire to live comfortably, but not need to save large amounts of money
  • Want to be overseas for 10-12 months
  • Can plan to move during the peak hiring seasons (Sept/Oct, & January)
  • Prefer teaching adults (although some opportunities with children are available)
  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree

General Information:

  • Peak Hiring Seasons: September & January
  • Salary Expectations: Enough to support yourself
  • BA Required: In most countries
  • Contract Length: 10-12 months

Ready to Teach English in Europe? Get your TEFL Certification Online, in Spain, or in Chicago and receive lifetime job placement assistance to find jobs teaching English anywhere in Europe. Teach English in Italy, or tutor a European host family!


Latin America is an exciting place to teach English! Rich in diversity, natural resources, and a passion for living, Latin America is becoming more and more popular as both a tourist destination and location for a myriad of teaching opportunities. Much the same as Europe, you will break even financially and will be able to support yourself, have fun, and travel as a teacher in Latin America.

Latin America Is Great if You:

  • Want to live in a vibrant, evolving region
  • Can plan to move during the peak hiring seasons ( Feb/Mar & July/Aug)
  • Prefer teaching adults (although some opportunities with children are available)
  • Desire to live comfortably, but do not need to save large amounts of money
  • Want to be overseas for 10-12 months
  • Have graduated high school

General Information:

  • Peak Hiring Seasons: Feb-Mar, Jul-Aug
  • Salary Expectations: Enough to support yourself
  • BA Required: No
  • Contract Length: 6 & 12 months
  • Hiring practices: Most employers will want to interview and hire teachers in-person – it is difficult to secure a job ahead of time

Ready to Teach English in Latin America? Get your TEFL Certification Online , in Chicago, Nicaragua or in Costa Rica and receive lifetime job placement assistance to find jobs teaching English anywhere in Latin America, or to qualify for our Teach English Abroad program in Colombia.


The Middle East has an expanding market and offers competitive salaries, although many countries seek to recruit experienced teachers who have TEFL certificates on top of a Bachelor’s or Masters in Education.

The Middle East Is Great if You:

  • Want to secure a job before leaving the States
  • Are open to vastly different cultural norms than those of US
  • Desire to save substantial amounts of money during your time abroad
  • Are an experienced educator

General Information:

  • Peak Hiring Seasons: Year round, May-Aug preferred
  • Salary Expectations: Dependent on country, generally lucrative
  • BA Required: In most countries
  • Contract Length: 6-12 months
  • Hiring Practices: Many positions in the Middle East require a higher qualification level, like a degree in Education or a Teacher’s License

Ready to Teach English in the Middle East? Get your TEFL Certification Online , in Chicago, or in Costa Rica and receive lifetime job placement assistance to find jobs teaching English throughout the Middle East.