Learning French While Studying Abroad in Belgium


by Aleeza Zinn

Hello! My name is Aleeza and I am going to be an exchange student in Belgium for three months during my junior year of high school. I leave on August 25 and I cannot wait to go!

My older sister was an exchange student in France during her junior year of high school, and ever since she decided to go on an exchange program, I have known that I want to go on one too. I have taken three years of French classes at school, and a few lessons outside of school as well.

In my head I have always thought that I would go to France like my sister did, because that is where people speak French. When it was time to start looking for exchange programs, honestly all of the programs to France were too expensive. This may have been the best thing that could have happened, because at that point I started looking at other countries where people speak French, and that is how I found the program to Belgium.

At first I was upset that I was not going to France, but then I realized that I have been to France three times and have never been to Belgium. How many people get to say that they have done a high school exchange program in Belgium?! After I officially signed up for the Belgium exchange program everything just kept getting better and better.

I found out who my family is–a wonderful single mom with an adorable six year old daughter–and I have been emailing and Skype-ing them since. It is almost impossible to contain my excitement, and I cannot wait to meet my family and live the Belgian lifestyle. Until next time, au revoir!

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