Excursions in the U.K. and Exploring With New Friends


I have taken my first exams and am quickly approaching completing my first month of studying abroad here in the U.K. This of course means that my college application deadlines are closing in, which means October will be a very busy month!

Last Saturday we took our first excursion to Bath, Somerset. It is a historic city 100 miles away from where I live with Roman-style public baths. The architecture was beautiful and the weather was very nice for the day. I bought a postcard which I have since mailed back to the US.


The Circus in Bath.

On Thursday night this week, my foreign exchange sister and I met up with a Swiss girl in Wolverhampton after school and went out for Nando’s and dessert at a local place called Little Dessert Shop. I had the best crepes of my life and tried some amazing treats.

On Friday night, I travelled by myself for the first time to Lichfield, which is about an hour away from where I live. I took a bus and two trains in order to meet up with some friends for a sleepover. I even navigated Birmingham New Street by myself, which is the busiest train station outside of London.

On Saturday, after our sleepover, two American girls, an Australian girl and I went to London for the day. It was absolutely incredible and I would go back in a minute if I could! I spent a lot of money (all though I’m not sure what on) and took tons of pictures.


Trafalger Square in London.

We will be visiting London again at the half term hopefully, and again in December with all the other students. My family and I will also be visiting again in February before I go home.

big ben

Big Ben & the London Eye.

Next weekend it looks like I will be staying in, working on the Common App and UCAS because unfortunately, I can’t remain a high school exchange student forever. 


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