And So My Life Begins in France

And So My Life Begins in France

Saint Nabord, France is really pretty. There are so many boulangeries and patisseries and cafes and restaurants shoved into this town that it is just incredible, and if I didn’t see it for myself, I’d think someone would be either lying or exaggerating when they told me just how many there are. It’s cool though. Everything is really pretty though, houses, town, hillsides, forests-you name it and it’s most likely to be pretty.

I have tried lots of new food already. The first night I tried shrimp and this horrible pureed scallop stuff that comes in a block I guess that they slice and eat with bread. I’m gonna stop at that though because that was so bad I just don’t wanna bring back the memories. haha The rest of the meal was good though-it was just vegetables (peppers, onions, potatoes, carrots) that was cooked in a skillet. And a baguette. Then Saturday I had Mirabelle Plum rectangular pie, two new types of cheeses-one of which was really good-whinberry pie, pasta with beef stew stuff on top (really good) and I tried tapinade and then I tried an espresso after lunch…

Today I mainly just hung out with my host family and then went on a little walk with them around a little lake. So now I am just waiting to have home-made crepes, yum yum.  I have never had so much to eat! We have desserts with every meal too, it’s kind of fun.

So that is about all. Now I’m just sitting here watching cartoons (that I don’t understand) with Claire,  after finally making it through like 15 or 16 messages in my email inbox and facebook. Since it is only my third day, I’m still not able to understand conversations and everything, but I can manage to have okay ones with Sylvain and Nathalie. The girls speak too fast and have to be reminded a lot to slow down and say only simple sentences-which proves a little hard for them. But eventually I’ll finally be able to understand them and they won’t have to change their way of speaking for me.

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