Experiencing Boda Borg, and Other Swedish Adventures

Experiencing Boda Borg, and Other Swedish Adventures

Happy Söndag (Sunday)! After a long, fun, and tiring weekend, I am finally settled into bed with some time to update you all on my adventures.

Fredag (Friday), my school day was short, per usual. After, I met Mamma and Ebba outside of school and we headed to get some Thai food at the local Thai restaurant and took it back home for lunch. Each of us then got ready for a birthday party we were invited to.

My host aunt’s mom was turning 80 so we went for a little while to say hello, give her her present, and mingle with everyone before returning home.  A little later, Ebba and I got ready for a concert that was happening that night at Gröna Lund, the theme park in Stockholm, by a group called Maskinen which means “The Machine” in English.

We drove to the train station in Tumba to pick up my new friend from New Zealand, Maisie, and then hopped on and rode into the city. The park was packed with tons of fans all clumped in front of the stage. We danced the night away with the rest of the sweaty crowd and Maisie and I pretended to know all the Swedish lyrics. We walked back to the train station along the water stopping to get a drink at a 7/11, which aren’t gas stations here, just stores, and then went home to get some much needed sleep after such an exhausting night.


Lördag (Saturday) morning, the whole family and Maisie got up and had a nice big breakfast before heading off on another Swedish adventure, Boda Borg. Boda Borg is a Swedish activity that is very hard to describe but I will try my best.

A Boda Borg involves many different quests that you can do. Normally, you go with a group of about 3-5 and you pick a quest you want to do, either very physical, very mental, or both! Outside the first door, you will receive very vague instructions on what to do throughout the quest. When you enter, you have to try and do what you think has to be done in order to get to the next rooms and if you mess up, you are sent out and must restart.

boda borg

It’s a little hard to explain but www.bodaborg.com might help you understand more. They first one in America just opened up in Boston so I hope they spread fast so everyone can experience the fun! In the five hours we had, including the time we spent eating yummy tacos in the cafeteria. We were able to do about two thirds of the quests.

Boda Borg is something so very different from anything I have ever done in America. Swede’s are very active and athletic people who love to workout at the gym and be outdoors. Boda Borg was definitely an example of that kind of lifestyle and I think Maisie and I held our own. We all ended the day with a few bumps and bruises but smiles on our faces.

Once we had some fika, we headed back home so Maisie could grab her bags and I could walk her to the train station. When I was back at the house, we all cooked dinner together, before settling down to sleep after another, long, tiring, and fun day.

Idag (Today), Mamma and I started this lovely day by making a yummy lemon pie. Later, Mamma, Ebba, and I went to Mamma’s friend’s house for a candle party. The presenter showed us lots of different candles and scents from everyday, Halloween, and Christmas. We ended the gathering with an array of Fika options from our lemon pie, to caramel cookies, along with some coconut-shaving-topped brownies.

After filling out our order forms, we walked back home and relaxed/worked on homework before cooking dinner. I am now off to be to rest up for a week I’m sure will be as tiring as the rest. God natt!


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