Exploring Stockholm as a Student Abroad


Yesterday and this morning were a little sad. Yesterday was my host sister Anna’s last day before she left for her exchange trip to the U.S. We spent the day around the house just hanging out and playing some games. This morning we woke at 3:45 to get her to the airport by 5:30. After she was off on her adventure, we all went back home and went to sleep for a little longer. When I woke up, I took a shower, got ready, and we headed of to Stockholm!!!!

Riding the train into Stockholm, I could barely keep still with all the excitement inside me. Since I had only driven past it, I couldn’t wait to finally walk the streets. When we got off our 36 minute train ride, we headed for Drottinggatan, the big shopping street in Stockholm. We window shopped some and they introduced lots of Swedish stores to me. When we finally got to a part of Stockholm called Old Town,  we walked through the Royal Castle and saw a lot of old streets.


My host family took me to the smallest street in Stockholm, which you can’t even say is a street because it can barely have two people walking down it at one time and it has stairs!

Me at the smallest street in Stockholm!


We had a nice lunch of sandwiches by the water and then to a ferry to the Vasa Museum. The Vasa Museum was actually built around The Vasa, an old Swedish war ship that sunk after sailing for only 20 minutes and was brought up again after 333 years underwater.

The Vasa Museum from the outside where you can see the masts of the ship sticking out the top.


We took a guided tour, this time in English!!!, saw a little movie, and walked around the exhibits. The had so many interesting facts and things to see, I definitely recommend going if you’re ever in Sweden! 

The massive Vasa! It needs 3 pictures to capture it all.

vasa-1 vasa-2 vasa-3

When we had seen all there was to see, we headed back home where Ebba and I made dinner and then headed out to hang out with some of her friends. I loved getting my first taste of what it is like to hang out as a teenager in Sweden. All her friends were super nice and talked as much English as they could. We don’t have much planned for the next few days but I’m sure we will find many exciting things to do!


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