Swedes Win the Prize for Best Cinnamon Rolls

Swedes Win the Prize for Best Cinnamon Rolls

Today’s something new: Svensk Kanelbullar

Happy (late) Kanelbullardagen!!

The day got off to a great start because today we had an English test! We had to write a blog post (which I am now an expert at) about one of two topics we had been discussing in class. I picked bullying because I felt it was the easy topic to talk freely about, like I would in an actual blog.

From 8-10am we wrote our first draft and a self evaluation about how we think we did. Then, I had a two hour Spanish class and lunch before returning to part two of the test where we wrote our second draft.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the Swedish grading system. I think it is strange that you can only get A, C, E, or F, and that you can get an E at all! I still don’t quite understand how you know which grade you get but that might just be because I don’t understand when the teachers are explaining it and just miss it.

Also, I think it’s crazy that they get so much time to take tests. A test I would normally have to take in 45 minutes back in America, they get two hours to take! And they get so much notice for their tests!

In Sweden, I know what test I will have 6 weeks from now! They think it’s crazy when I tell them that back in America I sometimes  won’t know I’m having a test until two days before. Sometime they get mad when a test is scheduled only two weeks in advance. I don’t know if they would survive in America. I do think it’s smart though to give people a lot of time to prepare for tests and allow them to only focus on one test at a time. That is something I admire about the Swedish schools.

When I got home, Lina and I started to make what I think was the best cinnamon rolls (but also the most time consuming) I have ever had in my entire life.

We started by making the dough and then letting it rise for an hour. In that hour we made the cinnamon filling and passed the time with a few games of cards.

cinnamon rolls 1

When the hour was over, we checked the dough but it had not risen enough so we waited a little longer. When it was finally ready, we rolled out the dough, and started to form separate rolls that we then had to let rise again.

cinnamon rolls 2

When they were finally ready to be placed in the oven, we brushed them with some butter and place a little sugar and cardamom on top.

cinnamon rolls 3

After only about four and a half hours of baking, they came out perfectly! I guess the long wait was worth it.

Firm on the outside but gooey on the inside, they were absolutely amazing. I’m a little scared though because I can already tell I will eat more of these than I should.

I have come to the conclusion that Swedes have won the prize for best cinnamon buns, hands down. Sorry Panera!

cinnamon rolls in sweden

Now it is time to work on some homework and try to resist eating another cinnamon roll before I head to bed. Sorry if these pictures made you jealous, but they don’t even begin to capture the amazing taste these little cinnamon rolls held.

God natt!



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  1. Tracy Mahon Erickson says:

    I hope you are bringing home the recipe!!!

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