Teach in Italy: 15 Photos to Make You Fall in Love with Sicily

Italy view beach

When many people think of Italy, they don’t necessarily think of Sicily. Images of the Leaning Tower of Piza, Venetian gondolas or the Colosseum come to mind. But Italy has so much to offer, and the island of Sicily is no exception! Home to lots of host families for Greenheart Travel’s Teach in a Homestay program in Italy, this is our fastest growing placement preference.

And for good reason! Sicily has a unique culture, beautiful coastline and traditional Italian architecture as well as some of the best food in the country! Even though it’s lesser known, Sicily will still give you the authentic Italian experience you’re looking for in a homestay program.

To help inspire some serious wanderlust, here are 15 photos to get you excited about traveling to the Italian island of Sicily. All of these photos are taken by homestay teacher, Stevie Coulthard, who is currently teaching in Floridia, Italy on the eastern coast of Sicily.

1. Beautiful fountains are everywhere!

at a fountain in Ortigia

2. You’ll spend lots of weekends at the beach. Sicily is an island after all!

at the beach with host sisters

3. You might get to attend an Italian wedding!

attending an italian wedding

4. Sicilian cities are incredibly scenic!

streets of sicily

5. I mean, just look at this view!

beautiful sicilian view

6. Or maybe this one!

sea from ortigia

7. You’ll learn how to cook from a real Italian.

learning to cook

8. You’ll be surrounded by the salty sea air and incredible views of the Mediterranean.

ocean view 2

9. If you’re brave enough, you can even jump off the cliffs into the ocean!

cliff jumping

10. You can explore some of the island’s long and interesting history.

on a balcony

11. Exploring the fresh fruit markets will leave you hungry for more.

at the street market

12. You’ll eat more gelato that you ever thought possible!

eating an ice cream cone

13. And we mean lots of gelato!

ice cream selfie

14. You’ll bond with your host siblings & kids

on a hike with host sisters

15. And by the end of the program, you’ll be a member of the family.

with extended host family

You ready to start your Sicilian adventure? Learn more about our Teach in a Homestay program at the link below!


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