Happy Teacher’s Day!

Happy Teacher’s Day!

Here in Korea, like in Thailand they celebrate Teachers. On May 15th it was Teacher’s day here. Back home we have teacher appreciation week but I don’t think that it has the same value that it does here. I can’t even tell you when teacher appreciation week is in the states without goggling it first. Growing up very “Thai” in America had already made me aware of certain traditions and values that are upheld in Asian cultures.

So, I’m gonna do a little comparison of Thai vs. Korean, just because there’s no Teacher’s day in America.

In Thailand, like in Korea, teachers hold a great deal of respect. There’s a cermony performed called ไหว้ครู (Wai Kru) that’s done on Teacher’s day,  January-ish. (Side note: If you didn’t this  about Thailand but everything and I mean everything is linked back to religion, Buddhism.) There ceremony normally starts with a ceremonial prayer from the monks. Then followed by a chant from the students. The chant expresses respect and gratitude for the teachers and asks for the teacher’s blessings of the student’s studies. Then selected students from the class (normally the class leader) will present the teachers with offerings of flowers, candles and incessant sticks.

In Korea, the teachers are presented with carnations, gifts, or letters by their students. It doesn’t seem as fancy as Thailand but I think it’s because that’s how Wat Thai always presented to us growing up. But anyways it’s day where the students show their appreciation and gratitude towards their teachers.

And this was my very first Teacher’s day. On Wednesday, before first period one my sixth graders came to my classroom and handed me a letter for Teacher’s. I was surprised because it wasn’t even Teacher’s day yet. I figured that it was because I don’t have sixth graders on Thursday (Teacher’s Day) that she came by to drop the letter for me. I start that day with a smile on my face and that was just the start of gifts and presents coming in that day.

I’m sure if you got a letter like this you’d smile too.

Teacher’s day was originally the teacher’s  sport’s day with the volleyball game that I was practicing for at the beginning of the school year. But with the unfortunately accident it was cancelled as a way to show respect of an entire nation mourning a terrible lost. On Monday I was told that we were going play volleyball on Wednesday. I should had connected the dots that it was for Teacher’s day. We gathered in the gym for the game after school and I’m not gonna lie, I miss the staff. Even with all the up and downs with volleyball, I missed them. Yes,  I do see them on campus, but I just greet them and we go on our ways. At volleyball I “talked” to them, lol. Volleyball really helped me from the start to be able to build some sort of relationship with the other teachers and it was nice.

So we had a co-ed mixed game with the staff. I had a really good time too. I haven’t smiled and laughed like that in a while. It’s a different kind of smile and laugh then with my friends, but still a good feeling. I sometimes forget about the different personalities that my staff has, I freaking love it. Especially one of the first grade homeroom teachers, he’s meant to be an elementary school teacher. I cannot help but smile when I’m around him. He’s like the family uncle that everyone loves to be around. We haven’t had a mixed co-ed game since the very first time we started playing when the school year started. I ended up on the teach with the majority of male teachers but that’s okay I didn’t mind. Once we finished of course there was food to eat, that much hasn’t changed. I walked out with a group of teachers once we finished putting away the net and chairs. The first grade homeroom teacher that I love so much said that he was the MVP of the match and turned around to confirm with me that he was. I nodded yes while the other teachers “ayyed” in disbelief. They said if he was the MVP then I was the ace of the team causing more laughter only because I agreed with them.

We didn’t have school on the actually Teacher’s day, Thursday. But the majority of my friends did, so it turned into a lazy day for me where I just slept in and did my nails.

much more next time,


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