1 Week Countdown To Thailand

An ornate temple in Thailand.

When people decide to pick up their life and move abroad, it can be a tough decision. For me, it was surprisingly simple. I realize the difficulties and uncertainties about living in a whole new country but that is precisely why I have decided to do this. I WANT a challenge. I don’t just want a story and an experience to share with my loved ones back home (which of course is a great bonus) but I want to do something that will challenge me as a person, a professional, a learner and a friend. I have done my research on the country of Thailand through those exciting cultural books, a variety of media (not always so reliable) and through the programs that are assisting my teach abroad adventure, XploreAsia and Greenheart Travel. I have also networked with many people who have taught abroad there. The most important conclusion I have come to is that going in with no expectations will ultimately have me leaving with the most fulfilled time abroad… and that is exactly what I am going to do.

I know very little about this upcoming journey but what I do know is that I will be flying from Chicago –> Los Angeles –> Taiwan –> Bangkok (about 24 hours in flight, so fun). I will then be staying in Bangkok for a few nights until being transferred to the city of Hua Hin where I will begin a month long TESOL course taught by XploreAsia with other English Teachers, including my best friend and fellow traveler, Erica! TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. I guess the most nerve wrecking part about this journey is not knowing where I will be placed in Thailand to teach until about the third week into the TESOL course. I have heard great reviews on the program I am apart of and they are the ones assisting in finding a teaching placement for me. Erica and I are under the impression that we will be placed in the same village/town and that means we cannot be picky on where we would like to live! We are going with the flow and staying open minded.

For now, all I can do is pack, prepare, say my goodbyes and eat all of my favorite American foods for the remainder of this one week countdown.

Had to document a few of my favorites so I can look at them and remember while I am abroad <3


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