My Favorite Day in Thailand

My Favorite Day in Thailand

Let me start off by saying, that I have probably had more exciting days than this one, but I think today was so special because it wasn’t supposed to be. After countless hours and weeks of worrying I was finally able to get my work permit, all I had to do was go two hours south and pick it up. Long story short, nothing in my life is every simple, so when I arrived to pick it up, it wasn’t going to be ready for a few more hours. So Teacher Ann (the Thai teacher who came with me) decided to find more entertaining ways to spend our time than sitting in a waiting room…

Quick Recap:

  • We had the most amazing lunch on the beach, seriously, I might have found my new favourite Thai dish.

  • I climbed to the top of this gorgeous mountain/cliff to see a lovely little temple with a stunning view and hung out with some cheeky monkeys.

  • Teacher Ann took me to her favourite beach, which was in this beautiful sound; we also say this weird zoo/farm thing (for lack of a better word), that had an ostrich, turkey, and deer hanging out, which is not something you see everyday.

  • She took me to her favourite cake shop which she said was famous in Prachuap and with good reason; holy moly was it yummy.

  • Last, but not least I got my work permit and got to have a nap on the ride home!

Sometimes it’s the days and things that you least expect that end up meaning the most to you. Life really does surprise you in the best ways when you least expect it.

Happy Tuesday xx









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