Group Trips

  • Overview

    Greenheart Travel offers group trips abroad for high school and college-aged students throughout the year. We have several different options including volunteering or language immersion camps. We’re excited to work with you and determine which of our programs best fit you and your students’ interests!

    Personal Development

    Each student is given personal attention throughout the duration of their program. Using our partner offices overseas, we communicate regularly with the partner, ensuring your students are developing at an appropriate pace while abroad.  Each student progresses differently, and our intention is to give each student the support they need to make their program successful.

    Cultural Awareness

    Greenheart Travel offers pre-departure orientations focused on logistical details and the culture of the specific country. Students will learn about culture shock and how to handle uncomfortable cultural differences. Students are therefore equipped to handle these challenges the day they arrive in country.  We are dedicated to the students learning to fully appreciate their host culture and to feel more equipped to handle cultural/social differences once they return from the program.

    Social Responsibility

    Teenagers are extremely dedicated to social change.  Many of our programs provide volunteer opportunities to the students, as well as educational programs to expose the students to life in other countries.  We keep in touch with our students and help them further develop their activism skills through regular contact via social networks.  We want to encourage these students to develop leadership skills that will serve them professionally, academically and personally.

  • Language Camps

    Students will be able to practice their language skills with native speakers during this full immersion language camp abroad and make international friends from around the world. These camps run all year but are most popular during the summer months. You can choose a length from 1 to 6 weeks long, depending on where you go! Students stay with local host families and can be placed with up to 4 other students upon request. Check out our language options below:

    Spanish Language

    Spain – Salamanca

    Costa Rica – San Jose or Manuel Antonio

    French Language

    France – Paris, Arcachon, or both

    Canada – Quebec City

    German Language

    Germany – Berlin

    Italian Language

    Italy – Florence

    Japanese Language

    Japan – Fukuoka, Tokyo, or Kyoto

  • Volunteer Abroad

    Students will be able to make a positive difference in the global community as a volunteer. Our projects focus on community development and environmental sustainability. The programs vary – some run throughout the year while others have specific start dates. Please be sure to read the details on each program or inquire with us about possible dates. Check out our volunteer options below:

    Animal & Wildlife

    Costa Rica – Animal Rescue Focus

    Sri Lanka – Elephant Conservation Focus

    Thailand – Stray Dog Rescue Focus

    Environmental Sustainability

    Puerto Rico – Sustainable Forestry Research & Hurricane Relief

  • Timeline

    If you haven’t organized a group trip with your students before, we have a timeline provided with suggestions on when and how to begin planning and meeting with students. We’ll take care of all the major and minor details of your group trip but it’s important that students, parents, and the school are kept informed as well.

    A Year and a Half Before Group Trip

    Begin promoting the trip to students and parents and determining which students will attend.

    One Year Before Group Trip

    Hold an informational meeting for both students and parents to go over general details of the trip and dates they should be aware of, such as:

    • Trip Start and End Date
    • Payment
    • Application Process
    • General Expectations While on Trip
    • Passport Applications

    6 Months Before Group Trip

    Begin hosting regular meetings for students and family members covering the following topics if desired. We can provide webinars, blogs, and resources as guidelines for these, and will also host a Pre-Departure Webinar for all students and parents.

    • Accommodations / host families
    • Food
    • History
    • Money
    • Passports
    • Rules / Regulations
    • Daily Schedules and Expectations

    2 Months Before Group Trip

    Schedule a date for the mandatory pre-departure orientation. Determine that everyone has completed what they need before the trip, including:

    • Scheduled Payments
    • Received Passports
    • Completing Any School Requirements
    • Read Necessary Information Regarding the Trip

    1 Month Before Group Trip

    Greenheart Travel will host a Pre-Departure Webinar for all students and parents. We will answer all questions and go over all logistics from departure to the return trip home. We will provide packing lists, insurance information, emergency contacts, and cultural immersion guides. Remind school and faculty of the upcoming trip, make necessary plans for students out of school.

  • Costs and Inclusions

    Please note that all prices are subject to change. The price on our website reflects the price of the program with the current exchange rate, but is subject to change. We can price out a program fee per person with a group discount rate, depending on how many students and chaperones are attending. We also offer the option to include flight bookings and costs for the group, if desired.

    The Program Fee varies by destination and length of trip. The Estimated Flight Fee will vary depending on destination and origin city. Inclusions also vary by program but will typically include the following:

    • Accommodation for the entire program
    • 3 meals a day
    • Pre-departure orientation (online or in-person in Chicago
    • Arrival orientation
    • Airport pickup and drop off in the destination country
    • Medical and accident insurance
    • 24-hour emergency assistance
    • Local Coordinator in the destination country
    • “Travel For a Change” T-Shirt
    • Greenheart Atlas – An Interactive Guide to Your Cultural Experience

    Language Camps also include:

    • Language level placement test
    • 15 hours of language classes per week
    • Daily Cultural Activities & Excursions

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