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  • Overview

    Greenheart Travel’s programs offer an immersive, cultural experience. From living with local families, to attending classes in their host country’s native language, these experiences give students global awareness, provide translatable life skills, and build character. By offering cultural exchange programs to your students, you are making the world their classroom!

    Create Global Leaders

    Greenheart Travel’s programs focus on full cultural immersion that fosters leadership skills, global awareness, and cultural competency. That development is continued after the program through our alumni program, which provides students with exclusive professional development resources and access to a network of young global leaders.

    Moving to college was hardly an adjustment after moving to Vienna… partly because my experiences abroad have helped me to adapt to any situation. In Austria, I delved deep into another language and culture. In a way, studying abroad felt more like “real life” learning.
    – Sarah Gourevitch, Alumnus, Greenheart Travel High School Abroad in Austria



  • Service Learning

    Do your students need to meet a service-learning requirement to graduate? Greenheart Travel connects participants to the Greenheart Club, a global volunteer community, which acts as a resource for finding volunteer opportunities while abroad and in the United States.

    Through the act of volunteering, I am able to be much more than an observer or a tourist with a camera. Rather, I have the opportunity to see and understand the human experience of others from a perspective that is steeped in a desire to create positive change in the lives of others.
    -Ariela Martin, Alumnus, Greenheart Travel

  • Travel for Teachers

    Are you interested in professional development opportunities and travel abroad programs as a teacher? Check out our programs or connect with us to learn more about how you can travel for a change!

    And in my small way during my very short time in Vietnam, I think I was able to be of service and to make a difference in the lives of some of these young people. By the end of my two weeks in Hanoi, I really think that I was connecting with the students. The classes went well, and there was lots of enthusiastic participation and engagement on the part of the students. I am so grateful that Greenheart Travel arranged for me to do my volunteer work because that organization is so well-run and fulfills its mission so effectively.”
    -Larry Way, Alumnus, Greenheart Travel Volunteer in Vietnam

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