Author: Greenheart Travel

Author: Greenheart Travel

A Virtual camp fire for travellers tales and tips.

  • Teach English in Antarctica!

    3 weeks ago | General | 0 Comments

    Greenheart Travel is thrilled to announce our new Teach Abroad program in Antarctica! This is an incredibly unique opportunity to teach in the Earth's southernmost continent, and it’s FREE to those who are qualified. We’re working directly with o…

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  • Seeing the World Differently After Volunteering

    2 months ago | Volunteer Abroad - Chile | 0 Comments

    Because of my volunteer experience, I see the world from such a different perspective (not just a travel perspective), but from a humanity perspective.

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  • 3 Reasons to Join the Greenheart Club

    5 months ago | Greenheart Club/Grant | 0 Comments

    Three reasons why you should join the Greenheart Club!

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  • Where they Serve the “Second Best Tasting” Ice Cream in the World

    7 months ago | High School - Japan | 0 Comments

    It wasn't a very clear day when my host family and I went to the Yamanashi Prefecture, but it was just the right temperature for going into the hot springs and eating ice cream.

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  • First Stop, Go Global Expo; Next Stop, South Korea

    7 months ago | Teach Abroad - South Korea | 0 Comments

    My name is Norman Francis.I am a teacher all the way in South Korea. This life changing and exciting journey really began in September of 2012 at the Going Global Expo in Toronto when I met Sara Dorsey at the Greenheart Travel booth.

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  • Orientation and Disorientation in South Korea

    8 months ago | Teach Abroad - South Korea | 0 Comments

    Give a year of your life to Korea. From what they tell me, it’s often hard to leave once you’re here. Time to find out what you’re missing.

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