What Students Need to Submit before Traveling Abroad!

What Students Need to Submit before Traveling Abroad!


You finally decided on studying abroad and the excitement is in full swing.  The first steps in applying to study abroad with Greenheart are easy! Click our apply button, fill out the form and have a conversation with our program managers. Once you’ve decided on the program and dates though, there is still more that needs to be done. Greenheart has a list of requirements that some participants either forget about or don’t allow themselves enough time to collect.

We want to highlight below a few of the lesser-known or time sensitive forms that students need to submit to be able to Study Abroad with Greenheart!

  1. Academic Transcripts

Academic transcripts help the host organization understand your previous academic performance and inform placement decisions regarding schools and/or courses that might fit well based on your current skills. Students will want to request these early as it sometimes takes the school a while to process a request for a transcript

  1. Medical Forms

Needs to be completed by an authorized medical practice or doctor. We recommend that students work on this early as it can sometimes take a while to get an appointment with their healthcare provider. Students will also need to provide a full record of immunizations.

  1. Recommendations

1 recommendation is required for all HSA programs. 2 recommendations are required for countries with a foreign language requirement. The second recommendation in this case should be from someone familiar with your foreign language studies. We recommend planning in advance for this task to give your recommenders ample time to complete your recommendation form.


While Greenheart has a whole list of required documents from our participants (which you can find in the Application Process tab of any Program), these items are the ones that will take a longer amount of time and commitment. Allowing yourself time to get these items is the most important thing!


To learn more about our programs, make sure to head to the Study Abroad Programs page!

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