Teach English in the Pacific Ocean

Teach English in the Pacific Ocean

Greenheart Travel is excited to offer one the first-ever travel programs based primarily in a body of water! Our Teach Abroad program in the Pacific Ocean is an incredibly unique opportunity for those who want to be one of the first to visit a previously uncharted travel destination and work with a local school (OF FISH). With the rapid progression of technology, humans are now safely able to stay underwater for long periods of time. Visit countless beaches, learn about marine life, and live out your mermaid dreams!

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  • 3-months to 1-year teaching program
  • Meals, housing, and scuba gear included
  • 3 months supply of oxygen
  • Placements will be roughly somewhere between the Alaskan and Russian coasts
  •  Round trip transportation to the general area of your placement location via boat
  •  Serious swimmers only


What documents do I need?
Since the Pacific Ocean has no formal system of government, you do not need a visa or even a passport. In fact, it is best not to bring any paper goods with you into the ocean to avoid water damage.

Is it safe?
The ocean does experience crime, although it almost always goes unreported. The biggest dangers come from the amount of pollution that has been accumulating. Although oceans produce 0% of earth’s plastic, they now house the majority of it. Oh, and there are sharks.

What do the meals consist of?
This depends on the time of year, but meals will range from kelp and seaweed to krill.

How will I get there?
You will be met by a Greenheart Travel staff member in California where you will both take a boat about .5 miles out from the shore to the general area where your placement probably is. From there, you will be required to exit the boat and swim the rest of the way to your placement.

Will I have a co-teacher?
Schools of fish have no official teachers, so you will likely be the only human there.

How much English will my students know?
Fish, specifically salmon, are highly intelligent animals. However, they have a hard time forming human speech sounds, so prepare your lesson plans for a beginner level.

What should I pack?
Because you will not have access to stores, it is important to bring supplies that will last the duration of your stay. This includes items such as toothpaste, facewash, and extra oxygen tanks.

DO NOT BRING: Electronics, makeup, shoes, books, dresses. The locals would also prefer that you do not bring anything made from plastic.





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