A Journey to the Countryside in Costa Rica

A Journey to the Countryside in Costa Rica

Just last Friday I was able to take a trip to the countryside to a town called Buenos Aires, Costa Rica. There are approximately 21,000 people in this city and its primary source of revenue is pineapples. The journey started after school and it was one of the longest trips I have taken so far. The first bus was taken from school and it took about an hour to get to a transfer point. After boarding the next bus I decided to take a nap. This ride took a few hours, where we met with my teacher’s parents, who then drove us another hour before arriving at their house. After approximately six hours of traveling, it was now 10pm, I was exhausted, I happily ate a small dinner and went to sleep.

The next day I woke up around 8 a.m. to eat breakfast and we went for a swim in the hotel pool hotel in “Paloatlto” then where we ate lunch. After lunch we met a man whose house is made completely from recycled items. His life is very simple and basic, there are very few electronics, no doors in his house and he had no flooring as well. This house is two stories, one main level with an interesting staircase that takes you upstairs. The entrance to his house is pretty cool. He has collected a variety of items. The staircase is made of wood and old bicycle tires.


He uses sea shells, bamboo, netting and there is an old red fishing boat peering from an upper floor of the house. There is so much to see in this house.

justin-box-1 Justin-box-3

Once we made it back to my host’s home they taught me how to make juice from the sugar cane. My mom once brought sugar cane home from the Caribbean, but I had never seen it growing from the ground. So when I was asked to help turn sugar cane, I was excited. Turning sugar cane meant squeezing the liquid from the cane by placing it in what looked liked an old manual washing machine, with a handle on the side that you crank.


This process takes two people. One person to insert the cane while the other person turned the crank. This takes some effort, but the reward was worth it. The juice from the sugar cane was so good and sweet.



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