What I’ve Been Eating in Costa Rica

What I’ve Been Eating in Costa Rica


I have been in Costa Rica to study abroad for over two weeks, and of course, I have eaten many Costa Rican dishes in this time! I enjoy mostly everything I eat here in Costa Rica and have grown to appreciate the fact that it is much more natural and healthy than food in the United States. I decided to share what I ate in a day in Costa Rica to show an example of what is eaten in Costa Rica… I promise it isn’t always Gallo Pinto!


On this day, my breakfast included coffee, five little pieces of toast, butter, some avocado, and some fried plantains. Also, in the little container pictured in the photo above, there is some delicious homemade jelly!


My lunch was fried chicken, tortillas, and fries from a fast food place. Also, with it, I had cabbage and tomato salad with lemon juice. The buffalo sauce is not Costa Rican, but I’ve been loving it! I found it at the supermarket here and my host mom loves it too!

Lunch in costa rica


My dinner consisted of rice with meat, peas, and corn, beans with chicken, cabbage and tomato salad with lemon juice, and crunchy corn sticks (kind of like a cheese curl.) I also, of course, had to add buffalo sauce. To drink, shown in the blue pitcher, I had a “cas” (a type of fruit) drink, which is very popular in Costa Rica!

Dinner in costa rica


I forgot to take a picture, but as a snack I had a Coca-Cola and a little bag of chips similar to Doritos, made in Costa Rica. They actually have a Guacamole flavor, which I love!




cassidy-bio-picCassidy Bopp is 16 years old and lives in Saltsburg, Pennsylvania . Her goal during her study abroad program is to “gain a better understanding of the culture in Costa Rica and to see more of the world, and really take it in and appreciate it to the fullest.” Follow Cassidy’s adventure in Costa Rica on her blog post updates throughout her program.

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