A Day in my (England) Life

A Day in my (England) Life

Hey everyone, as I’m nearing the end of this program I’ve realized that I’m only posting blog posts when I go on a trip somewhere. I think that’s because my everyday life here has already become so normal for me that it doesn’t feel like anyone would want to hear it, which I guess is the point of this whole experience: be immersed in a culture so fully that it becomes the norm. Now since my daily life here is still a little bit of a mystery to my family and friends back home, I thought I’d make a little “day in the life” post for an average school day for me in England, so here goes.


My alarm wakes me up at 6am and (after staying in bed for maybe a little too long), I get ready and leave my house at about 6.50am to walk to the bus. My first bus takes about 50 minutes so I end up in Wolverhampton at around 7.55.



While I wait for the bus that takes me to school, I stop at Gregg’s to get a regular cappuccino and a chocolate muffin. (Very nutritious, I know.) I get on my bus and it arrives at my school at about 8.30am, where I meet up with friends before my first lesson at 9am.



I’m in lessons from 9am until 3pm, starting with my first lesson as a double lesson from 9am until 11.30am. Then I have break until 11.50am, where I’ll walk around outside with my friends if it’s warm out, or I’ll get a sandwich from the school and stay inside and listen to music. My next lesson is from 11.50am to 1.05pm, and after that I have lunch until 1.45pm, where I’ll eat lunch and then hang out with my friends again. My last lesson is from 1.45pm to 3.05pm, and after school I’ll walk with my friends to my bus stop.



Once I’ve made it home and settled back in for the night, I’ll usually either do some homework or skype my family or one of my friends from back home until dinner at around 6.30pm. After dinner I’ll shower or watch TV until about 9.30pm, when I’ll get ready for bed.


As I said, a typical day seems pretty mundane (at least to me). Some days I’ll take the train into Birmingham after school to hang out with other exchange students and have dinner, or I’ll stay at school after for a little to do work with school friends. Even though it all seems really normal and average for me now, I’m cherishing every second because I know that when I leave soon I’ll miss all of it!

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