VIDEO: A Day in Lydie’s Life Studying Abroad in England

High school students playing guitar at school in the UK.

My name is Lydie Donatello, I’m from a small town in Southern Maine, USA, and I’m currently studying abroad in Nottingham, United Kingdom, through Greenheart Travel. I’ve been living here for two months, and this has honestly been one of the best choices I have ever made.

In my day-in-the-life video, I show other students that I come in contact with on a daily basis. Some students from my bus stop in the morning (Lucia and Elisa), to my best friend here, Sasha, who is also an international student from Slovakia. 

I have made so many great friends since arriving. I spend my free periods with my English friends. Ben, who introduced me to English sweets and enjoys correcting me on my pronunciation of words, plays piano and guitar for me when needed. Ellie, enjoys watching me attempt to take photos for our photography lessons each week, and Sasha graciously lets me take her photos.

On Wednesday, we stuff ourselves at all you can eat buffets. Mainly because of the wide range of choices, us international students all find something we will enjoy. In the afternoon, I usually find something to do, and in this video I caught up on my photography course work and did a shoot.

Thankfully, winter seems to have come to a halt, but not before last week when we stood shivering in the streets waiting for our buses after an open mic. My friend Zach came to watch me play with his brother and of course, Sasha is always there to show her support.

This experience has shown me how independent I can be, and has been beyond amazing and rewarding. My hard work to finish high school back in the U.S. has led me to finish my senior year here, with my new friends, making great memories, and having fun. I will be attending college for three more weeks, and then my journey continues wherever I might find myself in the world.

Check out Lydie’s video from her adventure abroad:


What would a day in your life look like as a high school student abroad?

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