An April Fool’s Day Joke and Weekend Activities in Finland

An April Fool’s Day Joke and Weekend Activities in Finland

by Natalie Griffin, Greenheart Travel High School Student in Finland

On April fools day, my art class pulled a prank on my religion teacher because she always would complain about people walking past her window while she was teaching. In order to prank her, my art teacher cut out a larger than life cardboard cutout of the pope and we all went outside with it.

We walked up to her window making lots of noise while a kid hid under the site of the window. He slowly raised the pope up so it looked like the pope was waving at the class through the window. My religion teacher, as well as her class, found it very funny and she now keeps the cardboard pope hanging up in her classroom.

After school I took a bus to Lahti with my friend Anni to watch The 5th Wave, and we spent the day walking around stores and ate at Arnold’s bakery as well as Burger King. Our movie started at 6:30 so we had a lot of time to spare before it started so we waited at the movie theatre 2 hours and 30 minutes early and watch funny videos and then a show on Netflix together. We also bought a lot of candy and popcorn for the movie.

The Saturday after that, me, Jasmin, and Tomi went to a castle in Turku. It was really cool to walk around in and luckily there were English explanations in each room too. We got to also dress up in the time periods clothing and feel how heavy parts of armour were. It was so much fun and very cool to see!

natalie-friend old-village-finland-3 old-village-finland-2 old-village-finland fortress-finland

On Sunday, I went to a horse stable with my friend Elina so that I could ride her horse. Since the outdoor riding ring was wet we went on a trail ride around a dirt rode with me riding and her walking next to me.


We got to talk and learn a lot more about each other and it was a lot of fun. I only walked and trotted so that she wouldn’t have to run too fast but it was still really exciting and I’m glad I got the chance to do it!


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