Celebrating Easter Traditions in Finland

Celebrating Easter Traditions in Finland

by Natalie Griffin, Greenheart Travel High School Student in Finland

On March 19th, me and Jasmin decorated willow branches for the Palm Sunday tradition of Finland. From the very start of March 20th, kids were arriving at our door dressed as witches and wizards. They would say a chant in Finish wishing us good health and then gave us one of their many branches in exchange for chocolate.

Me and Jasmin also went to some houses, though not many, since we didn’t make that many branches.


We didn’t do much special for Easter except Sari gave us all chocolate and we spent the day with their family, eating many delicious foods. But the Friday before Easter, during our 3rd class, all the student in the school had to walk down to the church for a special Easter service.

It ended sooner than school does but when it was over we were dismissed.


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  1. Dorothy Johnson says:

    Gosh, your time is fleeting and you’ll be States-side in no time! I’m sure your family has missed you but what a wonderful and unique experience you’ve had! I hope you stay connected with your “new” family for many years! Safe travels!!

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