Ça continue en France  

Ça continue en France  

I arrived in Paris before the first streaks of sunlight shone through  dawn. I had carefully balance all three of my suitcases on the trolley before setting off to locate the welcoming crew. The idea of me living in Paris for the next four year hasn’t quit hit me. Driving into the city, I still couldn’t quite believe this city was about to become my home. I had envisioned this moment various times before, but when the reality came, it was overwhelming. Walking into my university’s prestine building excited me. These classrooms will become the places where I will invest time into learning more about my world in ways I have yet to imagine. As my taxi driver drove me to my apartment, I couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of the tower. She’s more beautiful as she’s peeking out of the buildings that guard her.  

 My taxi driver was impressed with my French as we chatted as to why women are sometimes more powerful and commanding in politics. He guessed Spanish before American native so that’s a win for me. 

 My legs shook as I dragged my 70lb suitcase up three flights of stairs. No elevator of course. It just so happens to be one of those rare 90 degrees Fahrenheit days in Paris, so I am one sweaty mess as I reach my apartment and embrace my first roommate Riko. What better way to start out the year with a smelly hug. After a cold shower I begin the process of unpacking, which is quite the challenge when you have limited space, but someone bless Ikea storage units.  

  I think I’ll take this tiny space over a dorm any day. I’m so excited to share this apartment with you all. It is a perfect example of living simply and making the most of everything. I think I would be just fine in a small kitchen for the rest of my life.  
 At the end of the kitchen is the humble toilet which deems the term “water closet” as a very true description. 

The living room is full of life as light reflects off the green trees and neighboring buildings in the morning and the setting sun shines its last rays into our place. This room is everything I thought it to be with its white curtains and embellished ceiling.  


After meeting our last apartment-mate Halie (who sprang into the shower like me because we both endured a long day of flying from the states), we decided to hit the town and finish.  Without our metropasses, we decided to take a walk, somewhere towards the Eiffel Tower but we didn’t make it all the way because we got lost and hungry. Since it was a Sunday and very few shops where open, we decided to go into the very first cafe we spotted. We barely scratched at the surface of the city with our promenade, so I’m very excited to begin learning this city like its the back of my hand.  


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