• First Time Travelers

    Our 2020 Scholarship Information is Coming Soon!

    Each year Greenheart Travel provides scholarship grants to individuals who are “first-time travelers” and have the desire for travel and cultural immersion. Our First Time Traveler Scholarships will be available for our adult, high school and short term programs. We encourage everyone to follow their travel aspirations, despite obstacles that may inhibit these goals.

    We want to help make travel accessible to everyone and truly believe that when you study, teach or volunteer abroad, you are embarking on a journey that will significantly impact your global perspective! That is why, along with our scholarship grants, we will offer additional support and resources for first-time travelers. 

    Let Greenheart Travel staff members tell you about the life changing experience of traveling abroad for the first time:

  • Selection Criteria 

    • Be a First Time Traveler
    • Be in good standing with your high school, university, work, etc.
    • Have a desire to travel, curiously explore new cultures, and positively share your experiences with your home communities
    • A diverse range of countries represented by scholarship winners

    What is a First Time Traveler? 

    We’ll be the first to admit that this term is a bit loose here. But generally, a First Time Traveler will have no experience traveling abroad alone. It is possible that you went on a Caribbean cruise with your family, or a short school trip to Costa Rica, so we’d be accepting of you if that were your only experience abroad.

    However, it is important to us that we reach people who will be traveling abroad solo for the first time. Preference will be given to those with the least experience traveling. At the beginning of the scholarship application, you’ll need to provide a paragraph explaining your travel experience and why you consider yourself a First Time Traveler.

    What does it mean to be in good standing with my high school, university or work?

    We’ll need a recommendation letter from a teacher, guidance counselor or boss. We’re asking you to have them outline why they think you’d be a good candidate for the scholarship and why you’d be a great promoter of cultural exchange.

  • Scholarship Details

    2020 Scholarship Information Coming Soon!

    Awardees will be paid half of the funds upfront as a discount to their program fee. The second half will be sent as a refund upon completion of their program and satisfactory completion of the terms of acceptance.

    Recipients of scholarships for our teen-focused programs will be required to crowdsource or fundraise a small portion of their total program fee. Details will be provided upon initiating your application with us!

    *Teach Abroad China and Korea are ineligible for this scholarship as they are free or near-free programs
    **TEFL Online & Chicago are ineligible for the First Time Traveler Scholarship as the programs themselves do not involve international travel
    ****For programs with no specific end date, such as Teach in Thailand, we’ll evaluate the terms of acceptance at the 3-month mark.

    Deadline to Apply

    January 15, 2020 is the deadline for the complete application. We will announce the recipients the week of February 1. The initial program deposit is due 48 hours after having received notification of being selected.

  • Application Process

    1. Ensure you meet your chosen program’s general eligibility requirements. These are available on each program page.
    2. To start an application you first need to fill out our contact form online.
    3. You’ll get an email from one of our program managers, depending on which program you apply to with more information about your chosen program and the link to our portal to fill out an application.
    4. The full application will be due on January 15, 2020. We won’t accept late submissions, so get on it!
    5. Winners will be announced during the week of February 1, 2020.
    6. Your first payment deposit will be due 48 hours after we announce your award. If not paid within that time, you’ll forfeit the scholarship and we will award to the next in line.
    7. Half of the scholarship will be awarded as a discount against the program fee to start.
    8. The second half will be issued as a refund upon successfully completing all of the requirements of the scholarship.

    Documents Required to Apply 

    • Application to your program of choice (ie Teach English Abroad, High School study abroad, etc.) A deposit is not required, but you must complete the application forms and provide your information.
    • The online scholarship application, which includes essay questions
    • Recommendation from a teacher, guidance counselor, boss, etc. (sorry – we can’t accept letters from friends and family although we know they love you!).
      • You will be able to “request” a recommendation from someone via email through our application portal.
  • Terms of Acceptance

    Individuals awarded our scholarships will agree to fulfill the following requirements before, during, and after their program abroad:

    1. Recipients must write three blog posts: one before departure, one while on program, and once after finishing the program.
      1. **Option to submit a video/vlog instead of a blog post while on program. Guidelines will be provided.
    2. Recipients must complete the Greenheart Travel Atlas cultural training packet.
    3. Recipients must agree to be a mentor for new travelers after their program.
    4. Recipients must leave a review on and after the end of their program. Link to be provided by Greenheart Travel.
    5. Recipients of scholarships for our teen-focused programs will be required to crowdsource or fundraise a small portion of their total program fee. Details will be provided upon initiating your application with us!
  • FAQs

    Can I apply for multiple Greenheart Travel scholarships?

    No, you can only submit one scholarship application per scholarship cycle.

    Do I need to apply for the program at the same time that I apply for the scholarship?

    Yes, in order to be considered for the scholarship, you need to submit an active application for the program at the same time. They can be submitted simultaneously or in sequence with one another.

    You do not have to submit a deposit or any money to apply for the scholarship, but we do need a completed application with all of your details on file to award you a scholarship.

    How many people usually apply for Greenheart Travel’s scholarships?

    We have a limited number of scholarships and each year we receive anywhere from 40-150 scholarship applications.

    Does Greenheart Travel have other financial aid?

    We do not offer other forms of financial aid at this time. We do offer a guide for fundraising. Many past participants have had success using these resources, including Jaime who wrote a wonderful blog about her unique fundraising efforts.

    If I find a scholarship from another organization outside of Greenheart Travel, can I apply it to my program fee?

    Yes! We welcome you to find funding opportunities from all over, and we can accept scholarship credit from other organizations, foundations or from fundraising efforts.


    What should be in the letter of recommendation? 

    We’ll be asking them to outline why they think you’d be a good candidate for the scholarship and why you’d be a great promoter of cultural exchange.

    You will have the ability to input your recommenders email into our application portal, and they can log into your application and provide a recommendation.

    Can I still apply for the scholarship if I want to go in Spring 2021?

    If you are applying to study abroad as high school student, yes. All other scholarships are only for the 2020 calendar year.

    The high school abroad scholarship we award in 2020 will be applicable to a Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 program. We award scholarships in winter for the entire following academic year.

    Can I apply for the scholarship even if I’ve already applied for a program?

    Yes! There is no problem if you’ve already submitted your  application and still want to apply for the scholarship.

  • For Host Families

    Please note: Scholarships for former American host families are separate from our “First Time Traveler” Scholarships.

    Have you hosted an exchange student here in the USA with Greenheart Exchange in the past? That’s great, you are eligible for our Host Family Circle Scholarships!

    We encourage our American-based Greenheart host family members to expand their own cultural experience by taking advantage of the Host Family Circle Scholarships, a program that provides scholarships on Greenheart Travel Programs to all immediate host family members. All Greenheart host families can receive the following off any Greenheart Travel program fee.

    Please Note: This scholarship does not apply in conjunction with other discount offerings.

    Greenheart Host Families that host for less than one full semester:

    • $100 discount only on Greenheart Travel short-term programs (Volunteer, Teen Summer Language Camps or Teach in a Homestay programs)
    • $300 discount on High School Abroad programs

    Greenheart Host Families that host for one full semester or more:

    • $200 discount only on Greenheart Travel short-term programs (Volunteer, Teen Summer Language Camps or Teach in a Homestay programs)
    • $500 discount on High School Abroad programs

    Note: Programs must start within 12 months of the last date the host family served as a host to a Greenheart participant.


Have questions about our scholarships? Inquire here and we can help.

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