Halfway Through My Time Studying in Ireland

Halfway Through My Time Studying in Ireland

November 6th, for many, just another Friday that has come. However, for me, this date symbolizes a huge landmark. November 6, 2015 is the halfway mark of my overseas adventure in Ireland. When I first learned about it, I could not believe it! I knew that I had been here for a while, but halfway! I guess time really does fly by when you are having fun. It seems like just last week I was saying goodbye to my family and hopping onto a plane to a country I had never been to and I was going to be staying with a family I had never met. The though of taking on this daughting challenge scared me when the date of my departure loomed closer. But I knew everything was going to be ok as long as believed it would be.

I have already done so much while I have been here. I have been introduced to amazing family, met some pretty cool peps at school, I have traveled to Dublin with only a friend and rode a horse in the fields of Ireland. I have seen show jumping for the first time and been hunting with friends and family. There have been visits to various pubs, horse shows and the grandma’s house. Although I have done so much, there is still plenty on my checklist that has yet to be accomplished.

Although the times here have been absolutely spectacular, it has not been without stress, hard times, longing, and plenty of missing of the family and friends. However, I can say with confidence that all the stress and worry that has occurred both before the trip and during the adventure, the good has defiantly outweighed the bad. I wake up every morning thankful for my situation and everything that has happened.

I am sure as the days role on, Thanksgiving will be upon us, then Christmas will not be far behind. As soon as school is back from winter break, I will be packing my bags for home. I am excited for all the expeditions ahead and all the things that await me here in Ireland.

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