Take 5: High School Abroad in the Netherlands with John Robinson

Take 5: High School Abroad in the Netherlands with John Robinson

Take 5 is a Greenheart Travel interview series where we ask alumni five questions about their time abroad. This week, the focus is on John Robinson, who spent part of his high school experience studying abroad in the Netherlands.

Read on to learn what inspired John to go, his favorite Dutch show, and the friends he made from all over the world.

1. What inspired you to go to the Netherlands?

I would say what inspired me to live in the Netherlands most is how little I knew about the culture. Other than hearing about the very generous Dutch people, and the wonders of Amsterdam, I knew so little. I was inspired to learn as much as I could about the Netherlands from nothing. I was inspired by the thought of a fresh start.

2. What was your favorite way to spend your weekends?

My favorite way to spend my weekends would have to be traveling as far as I could go in the little time that I had. Although the late Sunday night ventures home were never something I looked forward to, I still desired to be out and about on the weekends. I would just find the cheapest train ticket, and then see what the Netherlands has to offer. Every new adventure was one I cherished.

3. Favorite Dutch show?

Favorite Dutch show was Undress for Love. They were always either watching that or some National Geographic special, so I didn’t mind.

4. Did you make any unlikely friends?

I did make some unlikely and unexpected friends. It was unlikely because they weren’t even Dutch! Three kids from Italy, two kids from Brazil, one from Mexico, and one from Australia. All of them I saw multiple times throughout my stay here.

5. What was the best piece of advice you received before going abroad?

The best piece of advice I received before coming over here was to live MY life. I carried that with me every day and thought about it with every decision I made. It’s my life and nobody else’s so, therefore, I will make what I can of it. I learned to stay happy as can be, and I learned to accept the outcome of my decisions.

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