A Weekend That Reminded Me of Why I’m Studying in Spain

A Weekend That Reminded Me of Why I’m Studying in Spain

This weekend my family drove to Cordoba for a wedding that, of course, I knew almost no one. We arrived and slipped into the church just in time. I think the people in Spain have never heard of not out-dressing the bride, because I’m pretty sure for most people this was the dress rehearsal for their very own wedding.

The ceremony was beautiful and many cried. I repeated many phrases and words I really didn’t understand and then learned, the hard way, you are not supposed to cross your legs in a church. Then after the ceremony I got to throw rice at people, who were happy to receive it, for the first time. Though I ended up with most of it in my hair, clothes and some in my stomach (my siblings and I might have had a little bit of a rice fight, more like war).

A Spanish wedding wouldn’t be complete with out stuffing yourself full with various foods of different variety. There were some things I tried that I had to give them that smile and then casually spit it out in my napkin when no one was looking. But most was extravagant in looks and delicious in taste.

It was so fun to be out and to meet people that thought I was the coolest person because I lived in California (No, I didn’t tell them there isn’t a beach for miles where I live and that I haven’t seen a famous person, like ever). It was full of life and, being the crazy emotional person I am, I loved it.


On Sunday, after waking up around 12pm and eating a yummy (giant) breakfast. We decided to head in to the beautiful city of Cordoba. We went to the old town, ate ice cream, and I bought some weirdly delicious Spanish desserts. Then we went into the old Mosque and…

It. Was. Breathtaking.


I think I could have spent hours on end walking through the beautiful arches and looking at the millions of intricate designs. I never grew up with a religion, but I think churches and places of worship have a truly beautiful light to them. I love that the people who build places like these believe so much in what they are building that I can’t help but feel the passion inside. It’s safe to say/scream AHHHH IM IN SPAIN, after seeing the beautiful history. 

The next day we took a turn to nature, and climbed a mountain, overlooking many vineyards and puffy clouds (sighhh), and ate fancy sandwiches atop old castle ruins (sighhhhh). Being tired from the eating and exploring we took a nap on an ancient stone, which you just kind of have to do.


I am pretty sure I reached a new mental state of peace mindedness that day, because it was enchanting, angelic, ****** beautiful. Weekends like these remind me why I came to Spain in the first place. Living, enjoying, breathing in things that seem impossible until they aren’t. I’m pretty sure no one at home can say they napped on very very veerryy old castle ruins this fall break. 

And now, your tip of the day…

Tip of the Day for how to tell a story in Spanish when well, you really don’t speak Spanish.

1. Lots of eye contact (make those suckers regret they ever decided to talk to the American)

2. But then again remember to smile a lot because, yes you actually want these people to like you.

3. Lots and lots of hand gestures, noises, because let’s be real, you’re pretty much just playing sherades with this person, hoping they are compatible with your mind and will guess what the heck you are saying.

4. Try not to die laughing, and it’s hard, really hard. 


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