Bring It On! My Year in Spain Has Begun

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Almost two weeks into this crazy study abroad adventure, and I am thinking I have experienced just about everything. I have somehow survived a fourteen hour flight, I became good friends with the only other Americans in the huge city of Madrid within two days. I have become part of a family that I had never met, but are now permanently a part of my life.  

I have gotten through the first day of school in Spanish, and not without complications I might add. I have tried the famous siesta (three hour nap) which by the way I love. And I have tried more new and weird foods in the past week than I have in my sixteen years of existence. I’m now thinking what more can they throw at me and BRING IT ON!!

And then this weird thing happened, like a giant freight train, it hit me. I am going to be here for a year. Not see my parents, my sister, my pets, my friends, my room, and not taste the deliciousness of pancakes for a whole year.

spanish food

I’m not going to lie, my first thought was how do I get myself out of this. Family emergency? Fake my own death? It could work. It really did take me a couple of days to calm down and realize pulling off my own fake death wasn’t very likely, but I did, and still am, realizing that even though what I am doing is crazy, like really, there is a big reason why I am doing this.

This reason, that led me across the globe for longer than a sixteen year old’s brain can comprehend, is that anything and everything  I experience here in beautiful España will outshine sitting at home or at school and thinking what more could I do with myself.

I have this feeling that I might, just maybe, be able to do this, but all I have to say is BRING IT ON!


One thought on "Bring It On! My Year in Spain Has Begun"

  1. John Bilheimer says:

    Hi Sinclaire. Papa here. I miss you but I know you are having so many new adventures. Keep gathering stories and I can’t wait to read more. To the moon and back! xo papa.

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