El Campo – A Trip to the Spanish Countryside

El Campo – A Trip to the Spanish Countryside

During break, everyone in Spain goes to the country side for 2 or 3 days with friends or family. And by everyone, I literally mean everyone! Babies, kids, teenagers, parents, and even grandparents! In my family, we all separated and went to different houses for 3 days. The parents go with all of their friends except they are a little smarter and come home every night to sleep.

I went with my sister Maria to our friend Pedro’s house in the country. He has dogs, cats, goats, sheep, chickens, a donkey and pigs, so the whole entire time it smelled like poop. There was no shower so it masked the smell of everyone else not bathing!

Everyone was in charge of bringing food and we all put in a couple of euros to buy meets and drinks. There was so so much food! We went on walks every day in the country so we would be hungry later to eat more food because we literally were eating the entire time and not making a dent in the food supply! We cooked everything over a fire and it all tasted amazing! For some reason food always tasted better when prepared this way.

Our daily routine every day was waking up around 12, eating, playing card games, eating, cleaning, walking, eating, listening and dancing to flamenco music, eating, playing more games and going to bed around 5 am.

These days made me realize that I can not speak any Spanish when I am tired! By the last day my mind was fried and I went back to just saying si to every question!

It was a nice break to be in the country side without anything and just hangout with friends, but I have to admit, I was pretty excited to take and shower and sleep in an actual bed again! IMG_20160329_132038IMG_20160329_131646IMG_20160329_131510IMG_20160329_131513IMG_20160329_131234IMG_20160329_131433IMG_20160329_131347

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