Field Trip to Mérida, Spain

Field Trip to Mérida, Spain

Yesterday we went on a school field trip to the city of Mérida. It was founded in 25 BC and has a Riman influence so it is a lot different than the cities of Cordaba and Seville.

While there we went to the Roman Theatre and watched a play, which I am pretty sure was about a girl who loved a boy that was poor and her mom said that she couldn’t be with him. There was no subtitle option, so I defiantly did not understand everything, but just watching the characters in the theater was interesting enough for me!

After, we had free time to go and tour the city and have lunch. Like normal teenagers in America would do, we all choose pizza!

In the afternoon we went on a tour of a museum after the history of Mérida. There were so many works of art made out of tiny rocks pieced together to form a beautiful picture and tell a story. There also were the famous status of the Greek gods and goddesses, that college students were drawing.

On the way home the bus driver played flamingo music and everyone was dancing and singing along, and I felt like I had grew up with the other students my whole life! It’s very strange for me because I have a whole other life in America that they don’t know about or can even imagine to understand! imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

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