Getting into the Swing of Life in Sweden

Getting into the Swing of Life in Sweden

I have been in Sweden for a fair amount of time now, just over three weeks. I can now say that I really feel I have gotten into the swing of things and have adjusted to Swedish life. Because of school, I have found myself back into a schedule and enjoying everyday life as a resident in Sweden. Everything I do here, going to school, riding the train, etc., is becoming much more routine and I feel like I am beginning to see life here through a Swede’s eyes. Truly, I am enjoying every second of this crazy concept and this amazing lifestyle.

So far, most of my time here has been spent exploring and socializing with my friends and host family. Whether it be exploring Gamla Stan (Old Town Stockholm), grabbing a fika, going to the movie theatres, or just walking around the city, every day really does bring a new adventure and a new experience. One of the best parts of being an exchange student, though, is the ability to form numerous, new relations.

swedish streets

I have made countless new friends at school, relationships that I will hold close for a lifetime. My host family has also been selflessly generous to me and it could not be more appreciated. Every experience I have been involved in here has only been amplified by the amazing people around me.

Being able to get a taste of Swedish cuisine has also been a blessing. Swedish candy, such as Japps or Marabou chocolate is delicious and will truly be missed when I go home. I also had the opportunity to try semla recently. Semla is a type of pastry filled with cream and an almond filling and is possibly my new favorite baked good. I have found that Swedes, much like myself, love baked goods. It appears I have found myself in the right country as far as food goes.

swedish pastry

The time I have spent in Sweden so far has been so overwhelming and filled with new people and new experiences that it’s hard to believe that I have not even been here for a month yet. Everything that I’ve done since I arrived in Sweden has really led me to cherish my time here and love every second of it. As long as my time here has felt, I realize that it simply can not last forever.

In roughly six months I will be on a jet back home, saying hej då to a country and life I have grown so fond of. But it is way too early for me to be thinking of that and for the time being, I am just really, truly enjoying every new day, every new adventure, and every new relationship.

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