Italian Alternatives to American Things

Italian Alternatives to American Things

In my few months of teaching English in a homestay in Italy, it’s been exciting to see the differences and similarities between Italy and the United States. Read on to find out what I think the Italian versions of common American things are. Disclaimer: Not all the brands listed are specifically Italian or American, but are used in the two countries nonetheless. Carrefour Market, for example, is a French chain.


American: peanut butter
Italian: Nutella and various hazelnut and chocolate off-brand spreads

American: Barnes & Noble
Italian: Feltrinelli or Mondadori

American: flip-flops
Italian: sandals

American: Starbucks
Italian: Illy

American: Hershey chocolate
Italian: Kinder chocolate

American: coconut oil, vegetable oil, canola oil, palm oil
Italian: olive oil

American: tie sweatshirt/sweater around waist
Italian: tie sweatshirt/sweater over shoulders

American: exercise a few times a week in the gym
Italian: walk outside every day

American: Walmart or Kmart
Italian: Carrefour Market (more upscale than our American alternatives, however)

American: Six Flags
Italian: Gardaland (one location, near Lake Garda)

American: meal prep in advance + leftovers
Italian: make fresh meals everyday + eat everything

American: stick deodorant (most common)
Italian: spray, liquid, and gel deodorant (most common)

American: large cups of coffee
Italian: espresso shots

American: pizza, wings, burgers and fries
Italian: pizza, pasta, and sweet pastries

American: Ford
Italian: Fiat

American: peanut, almond, cashew, and walnut-flavored things
Italian: hazelnut (nocciola) EVERYTHING

American: wheat, gluten free, or oat bread
Italian: white bread

Last but not least…

American: McDonald’s
Italian: McDonald’s

Apparently, everyone is lovin’ it.


Know of any other Italian alternatives? Comment below! And as always, happy travels!

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