Bangkok Bewilderment

Bangkok Bewilderment

Dawn McGowen, who’s been teaching English in a homestay in Thailand, candidly shares about some of the more perplexing differences she’s experiencing in Bangkok in her blog post titled, “Bangkok Bewilderment”. Her observations of driving in Thailand, parking lot etiquette, and common fixtures in Thai bathrooms are sure to both amuse and inform you.

Everything is so drastically different from what I know that I experience a rainbow of emotions every time I walk out the door of my host family’s home…

Squatter in Thailand

I’ve come across these… squatters.

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. You can see in the picture that there’s a section with water and a bucket next to the “toilet”. Using my excellent deduction skills, I’ve determined that the water is to clean yourself with as there isn’t a little hose. You also can’t find toilet paper in a squatter stall…

Read more about Dawn’s observations of cultural differences in Thailand through her blog, “From Texas to Thailand.” 

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