A Gondola Built For Two; 3 Reasons Couples Should Travel Abroad Together

A Gondola Built For Two; 3 Reasons Couples Should Travel Abroad Together

My parents are forty-something years old and are now living their best life as empty-nesters. In the past two years alone, they have visited Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Azores, Portugal, and Venice, Italy.

My mom and dad met at a Guns n’ Roses concert in 1991. The California girl falling for a soon to be military man seemed like an unlikely love story. My mom never dreamed of leaving San Diego except for the occasional outings to Mexico City. Now, twenty-seven years later, my parents are happily married with four children and are still checking-off of their bucket lists.

Witnessing my parents walking in the footsteps of historical figures and experiencing new cultures together seems like a fantasy. If you have a partner, have you considered exploring the world with them?

Here’s three reasons why you should consider it.

1. You’ll Surprise Each Other

In Punta Cana, my dad was especially excited to paddle board. It was going to be another physical activity he could just easily do. My mom on the other hand was not overly enthusiastic about the idea because she believes she doesn’t have great balance. To my dad’s surprise, my mom was a natural and he could hardly stand up.

2. You’ll Challenge One Another

My parents have very different ideas of traveling. My dad seeks adventure and history whereas my mom likes to relax and soak up the sun. Either way, they encourage and challenge one another to break free from their comfort zones. This includes hiking the Rocha do Chambre, learning how to cook Korean gimbap and bulgogi, and properly dancing the Sevillanas. 

3. You’ll Make Memories

For my parents, children were always in the picture. My parents only ever traveled for school activities or sport events or to an amusement park, basically some form of entertainment for the kids. Now, they can travel and do what they want to do (museums, historical sites, or pretty sceneries).

It’s like they are teenagers again. With every new city, state, and country the Mr. and Mrs. have fallen deeper and deeper in love. So, what’s next on their bucket list? Apparently, the two lovebirds would like to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain (WHICH IS 500 MILES).

So, ask yourself: Is there somebody that you want to join you when you embark on your Greenheart Travel adventure? Comment below!



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  1. Brady’s Parents says:

    Princess – Thank you for this extremely thoughtful and touching anniversary gift. We are so blessed to have each other and four amazing young adults who double as our kids. You are awesome! Love you so much, Madre & Father

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