Fukuoka, Kyoto, or Tokyo? Where Should You Learn Japanese This Summer?

Teen Summer Language Camp in Japan group photo.

For those signing up for our Teen Summer Language Camp in Japan, you will have the choice to live in either Fukuoka, Tokyo, or Kyoto. We get equally positive feedback for ALL cities and the courses have the same curriculum; so it’s honestly just a personal preference between the three cities. Here are some things you will experience on each course, to help you make the decision.

Fukuoka (Ages 14+)

Fukuoka is our original summer camp location and longest running offering. Fukuoka might not have the same “well-known” name as the other two, Kyoto and Tokyo, but that’s exactly why you might consider this location for your summer camp. Kyoto and Tokyo are the top 2 destinations for tourists to Japan and you will likely see many Westerners while living in these cities. Choosing Fukuoka will give you a better understanding of day-to-day life in a normal Japanese city. It’s also a smaller city to learn how to navigate!

Also, Fukuoka has a beach! Spend your summer free time playing volleyball or hanging out at the beach with new friends. Fukuoka students always report back that they love the ease of the city and being able to walk to a lot of things like their classes and activities.

Being [in Fukuoka], I was able to walk anywhere. Personally, I hate driving and I felt like walking was just a better way for me to get around. – Emily Pipkin, Language Camp in Fukuoka alumni

Kyoto (Ages 16+)

Kyoto is the former imperial capital of Japan and therefore is where most people visit for a major Japanese history lesson. Kyoto is also known as a very bike friendly city with lots of ancient streets to explore, and delicious foods to try at Nishiki Market! If you’re a history buff, Kyoto might be the place for you to study Japanese – and you can choose to be a part of the traditional culture track to learn more about Japan and it’s history.

Lots of bamboo forests and temples to explore in Kyoto!

Tokyo (Ages 16+ and 1 year of Japanese experience)

As you probably know already, Tokyo is MASSIVE! Tokyo has the most people living in the city and surrounding metropolitan area in the entire. world. (36 million vs. 23 million in New York City). Therefore, there is a lot to see and explore!

Tokyo can be a bit overwhelming with so many people, trains, and noise. While we’ll make sure you know how to get around, those who prefer small towns or maybe haven’t spent a lot of time in a big city might prefer Fukuoka or Kyoto.

Busy streets of Tokyo!

No Matter Which City you Choose, You’ll Have A Great Experience, So You Can’t Choose Wrong!


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