Why Salamanca Will Take Your Breath Away


I’m more than halfway done with my summer language camp in Salamanca and honestly that’s just a very worrisome thought. Salamanca hasn’t lost even a little bit of its appeal for me.

I went to the rastro on Sunday with my roommate, Hannah, and it was literally the most wonderful thing. It was basically like any flea market you might go to in the States, except the clothes were a little funkier and more traditional looking.

I ended up blowing a little bit too much of my money, but it’s super worth it.


The excursion on Saturday was absolutely beautiful as well. We visited Avila, which had the mix of new and old . There might be tons of little shops everywhere, but surrounding the town was huge fortress walls that gave it a more of an original edge.

As we were all walking away from the town, there was a lot of shouting coming from the top of the wall so the most resourceful people must have found their way to the top. Dang.

Maybe the best part of Avila though was the double espresso, so my mind could function at eight in the morning.

ALSO… The cathedrals in Salamanca at night literally took my breath away. I never really thought about the difference between them during day or night, but oh yeah, there is definitely a  difference.


Tips for Traveling in Salamanca

1) Watch out for your flip flop tan lines. They can get fairly intense here.

2) THE CAJEROS!!!!! (ATMs) in America are usually pretty reliable, but here they get eaten on a pretty regular basis. Almost had my card eaten two days ago, but it spit it out like two minutes later.

3) Cathedrals at night! See them, always.

4) Find the place with the twenty cent water, usually at a slightly shady grocery store. So important.


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