5th Grade: How was your weekend?

5th Grade: How was your weekend?

Last week, my fifth graders learned how to describe what they did in the past. Our last lesson this unit allowed them to create their own “newspapers” about what they did this past weekend. Some kids were so creative and thoughtful (one girl even took hers home to finish) and some students couldn’t have cared less. Here are some of the finished products:

2 of my girls sat and colored this for their lazy boy classmates.
“I went to church. It was bored.”


They look so innocent in pictures…I’ll let you all believe that they are angels 🙂

I am in love with my English classroom.

Because I only teach listening and speaking with my other grades, we don’t do these types of projects often. It was so rewarding seeing them all produce some beautiful newspapers and come up with some creative sentences from what we learned this chapter. Teaching is pretty cool!

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