What Are Apartments Like in South Korea?

What Are Apartments Like in South Korea?

One of the many benefits of our Teach in South Korea program is that you are provided a FREE furnished apartment during your year in Korea. Your apartment will include all the basic necessities like a bed, table and chairs, gas stove, fridge, washing machine, dresser, microwave and TV set. You will be responsible for paying your utilities, including internet, so once you arrive, you can ask your co-teacher to help set that up. Some housing in Korea will include heated floors for those cold winter nights, and you may even have the luxury of a dryer but no matter what, you’ll have the chance to make it your cozy home-away-from-home.

Our current teachers in South Korea recently moved into their apartments so here’s a glimpse of what you can expect!

 Ellen Bukvich, Gyeongnam
“When I step outside my apartment I get the most beautiful view of my whole town.”

Ellen Bukvich Teach in South KoreaEllen Bukvich 2

William Harris, Gwangju

William HarrisWilliam Harris Kitchen

Sarah, Ulsan
(see also top image)

Sarah Oloko BedSarah Oloko Shower

Duyen Le, Gwangju

Duyen Le showerDuyen LeDuyen Le 2

Caroline LaBate, Gwangju

Caroline LaBate kitchen Caroline LaBate kitchen 2 Caroline LaBate closet Caroline LaBate bedroom 2

Tiffany Kukla, Gwangju

Tiffany Kukla view 2 Tiffany Kukla table  Tiffany Kukla from bed Tiffany Kukla bed

Amanda Prechel, Jeongeup

Apartments in KoreaApartments in KoreaApartments in KoreaApartments in Korea

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