New Favorite Food: Trying Khao Tom Mud

New Favorite Food: Trying Khao Tom Mud

By definition I don’t think I would necessarily call myself a foodie. However, when the opportunity arises I won’t usually hesitate to try something new at least once. Well, the opportunity came a knockin’ with these badboys and I’m sure glad it did! Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to my new favourite and first Thai dessert, Khao Tom Mud (which basically means banana leaf sticky rice). I seriously cannot get enough of them. My Thai friend told me that they are considered more of an Isan dessert (northeastern Thailand).

The taste reminds me exactly of porridge with lots of brown sugar (love, love, LOVE them!). They are made from sticky rice, coconut milk, sugar, sweet black beans, all wrapped up together in a banana leaf wrapper! If you’re out and about in Thailand and looking for a new treat definitely give these a try! 🙂


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