One month in

One month in

I have been in Thailand for a month now. I have seen and done some amazing things, and I have met some truly great people. This Friday I leave for Isan, the North East of Thailand. I will be teaching in Chaiyaphum city in a school called Soontornwattana, which totally looks like a made up word! There are 1,600 students in my school and I will be teaching 6-9 year old’s. I have been told that my students will have a low level of english proficiency so I have a big challenge ahead of me but I’m excited and so ready to start!

From what Google has told me about my city it seems pretty neat, there are four national parks which I’m going to enjoy getting lost in. I have been placed in the same school as a fellow Xplore Asia member, as much as I want to integrate myself into Thai society it is also nice to know that I’ll have a fellow farang (Thai for westerner) to help adjust to the culture shock.

I am still undecided on how much time I’m going to spend out here but I have decided to make a list of things I want to do while I am here.

  1. Start a go fund me page to raise money for school supplies for my students.
  2. Make the most of the free gym access offered to me.
  3. Create friendships with Thai people, and pop my western bubble.
  4. Find a hobby and give it my all.

This month has just flew by, I have experienced highs and lows and everything in between but I couldn’t be more ready to get to my school and start teaching and learning. I just have to sit through a 3 hour exam and then a 10 hour bus ride first, but I’ll get there.

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